Dr. Andrei Volodin

Historical Information Science Department
History Faculty, Moscow State Lomonosov University (MSU)

A. Volodin

Associate professor in Historical Information Science Department of the History Faculty MSU. Doctoral degree in Russian social and economic history (2006). On the staff of the History Faculty from 2003.

Fields of research and interest - (1) global labour history, Russian, European and comparative social and economic history, cliometrics; (2) digital history, multimedia and information technologies application in historical studies and teaching; (3) modern and contemporary world history teaching; (4) web-based courseware, e-learning courses development and teaching techniques; (5) information design, web-content development and usability engineering.

Director of “E-Learning in History” project of Moscow State Lomonosov University.

Phone: (+7) 495 939-11-65. Fax: (+7) 495 939-11-65. E-mail: volodin @ hist.msu.ru


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